Among Us

Among Us. today I’m talking about Among Us. It is a game where you try to to survive and finish all tasks before you get killed by the imposter.

In Among Us, you try to survive. Its a survival game. Basically, you are trying to to survive and finish all tasks. You finish the tasks you’re given, and when you finish those without getting killed, you can go to security and just stay on cams (cameras). Or at least until you get killed. You can keep track of players as they go around the map, see if any of them look SUS.

Among Us: how to download and play for free on mobile, PC, Mac - AS USA
( Me being lazy)

Areas on the map. Number 1: Cameras. you can use these to keep track of players on the map. Very useful. Just sometimes you can get killed while being on cams. Number 2: Medical. You can do task there, or if you’re an imposter (SUS), then you can vent from there to there. Number 3: Electrical. Where you can turn the lights on again if turned of by imposter. Or where you die most of the time. Number 4: O2y. This is where you go when you have to turn on the oxygen in case the imposter turns it off.

Among Us: The complete Map guide - GamingonPhone
The map and where you can vent

If you’re an imposter. If you’re a imposter, then you probably plan on killing everybody. The picture above shows where you can vent through-out the map. You’re job is to kill everybody before they all finish tasks. You probably have to wait about a minute after you kill. There only has to be 2 people before you actually win.

Well, that’s about it. If you read this, thank you and your welcome. This was the best wasn’t it? I know, I know, you’re thinking, yeah right. Lets see you do a blog as good as this.